Empower Building corporation is a minority owned and HUBZone building services company working with federal contracting offices, our 8(a) partners and contractors to ensure regulatory compliance in procuring and performing sole-source, set-aside and simple aquisition contracts.

Empower is dedicated to LEED and Energy Star standards to provide clean, green and sustainable solutions:

Our CORE Values

  • Compliance

    Compliance, compliance, compliance. Empower Building Corporation revolves around 8(a) compliance and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). We make it our primary business to stay in sync with the dynamic and constantly changing needs of the federal contracting industry.

  • On Site Safety

    Empower ensures federal requirements for active participation. From providing federally required site supervision to a high security and federally qualified labor force – Empower is active and present in all of our projects.

  • Responsibility

    We believe that it is not only avoiding problems which defines the success of a project, but how our team reacts when the unforeseen problems happen. With over 20 years of combined high level project management, Empower provides an elite level of ownership, tracking and documentation. Collaboration, active communication and accountability are our trademark.

  • Excellence

    Always championing the highest level of ethics, safety, and mutual respect for not just our team- mates but all people is our standard.

Our CORE Competencies

Federal Project Compliance

  • Deep knowledge of federal requirements to ensure faster procurement.
  • Elite project management to ensure federal project tracking requirements and proper documentation.
  • Understanding of 8(a) and other federal requirements to ensure required project participation, payroll ▪ requirements and correct invoicing

Green Building and Demolition

  • Specialization in demolition with the ability to perform across multiple trades. See our NAICS codes.
  • Always ensure sustainable building practices from project design through build and project close.

Sustainable Disposal Service

  • Disposal services to remove hazardous or recyclable materials
  • Always ensure maximum sustainable practices in all of our work projects
  • Empower donates any materials possible for re-use by charitable organizations